AIEthica Responsible AI Pipeline: ​Value and Trust from Business Ethics to Model Risk Management

Securing your AI future - EU AI Act Consulting

In April 2021, the European Commission released a proposal for the regulation of AI, the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA), with the goal to balance the benefits of AI with its risks. In the future, businesses providing and using AI as well consumers will be strongly influenced by the forthcoming AI regulation.

We help you navigate the complex issues of EU regulatory requirements and practical applications. Our network of regulatory lawyers, computer scientists, and business consultants provides guidance and practical support in all regulatory AI affairs. 

  • Ethical AI & regulatory project consulting
  • Regulatory risk evaluation and reporting
  • Publications and public outreach

Responsible AI Monitoring

Due to its complexity on all levels, responsible AI is a team sport. Model Risk Management and continous monitoring are requirements of the AI Act as well as other regulations. We partner with the best monitoring software providers to deliver the best option for our customers.

AI Governance Software

One platform to guide and govern the entire lifecycle of your AI. Bringing teams together onto one platform to mitigate risk, leverage your full potential, and turn intention into action.

Embed trust in your algorithms

Leverage an award-winning data science platform to accelerate model testing and validation, automate model documentation, and streamline your Model Risk Management processes..