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AIEthica's Responsible AI Pipeline: ​​Value and trust from business ethics to model risk management

Mastering Responsible AI from A-Z

Responsible AI is a process, not a state. The complex steps to reach business value with AI have to be coordinated from business case, impact assessments, data strategy, model development and testing to deployment and model management.

As your trusted solution provider, we leverage cutting-edge tools and frameworks to ignite AI value.

From ethical consulting of new projects, ethics training for developers, managers as well as regulatory support to day-to-day practical model risk management, at AIEthica, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to support your responsible AI journey—the European way::

  • Responsible AI consulting & training
  • Impact assessments
  • EU AI Act compliance 
  • MDR / AI Act compliance
  • Model Risk Management Solution
  • Responsible AI monitoring


Focusing on the AI Act and its intersection with MDR/IVR, we assist ​our clients in seamlessly incorporating AI-related regulatory considerations into their compliance journey with MDR/IVR, offering flexibility every step of the way.


"The collaboration with AIEthica formed the basis for developing our algorithms in compliance with the AIA right from the start. The checklists and the joint dialogue on this were particularly helpful."  

evismo, Swiss eHealth Diagnostics-as-a-Service


machineMD is a Swiss medical device company specialising in the analysis of eye movements and pupil function as sensitive biomarkers for neurological disorders affecting the visual and oculomotor pathways.

QuantPi - AI Trust Platform for MLops

AIEthica is partnering with QuantPI, a leading platform for AI trust, to provide AI governance throughout the operational phase of AI applications. QuantPi facilitates continous monitoring and risk management of AI applications throughout their lifecycle. 

Automatically translating regulations into operations

QuantPi stands out as the only monitoring and risk management solution for AI that enables the direct translation of regulations such as the AI Act and others into operational evaluation metrics.

Trust Profiles enable the acceleration and operationalisation of all requirement for AI models and systems, regardless of whether the AI was built or procured. This provides AI Ethics, risk, compliance or business personas with an automated tool to govern AI models at scale without disrupting production.

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