For startups developing or deploying artificial intelligence, 
Good business starts with Responsible AI.

3. AI Act Risk Category Assessement

The EU AI Act, which will regulate AI in the European Union, is primarily based on a risk category scheme. So-called "high-risk" applications are the main focus of the regulation, and most regulatory measures are targeted at this risk profile.

Although a final risk classification is not yet possible, it is advisable to start a risk pre-assessment now, as most of the factors of a high-risk application are already available. An early assessment will save time later, especially for a startup working in a time-sensitive environment. The following activities are part of this process:

  • Industry specific risk category assessment
  • AI Act category requirements
  • Compliance preparation

5. Monitoring Services

Responsible AI is a process, not a state. The Startup RAI package includes a 2-year monitoring service that includes industry-specific regulatory updates as well as general news on Responsible AI developments. In addition, AEthica offers exclusive terms to deploy model risk management software together with its partners.

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