For startups developing or using artificial intelligence, good business hinges on establishing Responsible AI practices.

1. Let's start with a Code of Conduct.

Startups have different needs and constraints when it comes to Responsible AI than established companies. Due to limited resources for evaluation and implementation, startups need fast, effective and continuous evaluation of their AI activities in a fast-paced environment.

AIEthica presents the Startup RAI Package, carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of startups. This package delivers key Responsible AI assessment criteria in a concise, proven format, fine-tuned for startups with limited time and resources. It provides a comprehensive package of services, available at a fixed price, that includes the following steps

Startup RAI Package

1. Definition of the Code of Conduct
2. AI risk and impact assessment
3. Pre-assessment of AI Act risk category
4. Data Governance
5. Monitoring Services

3. ​​It's time to explore the AI Act's risk category assessment.

The EU AI Act, which will regulate AI in the European Union, is primarily based on a risk category scheme. So-called "high-risk" applications are the main focus of the regulation, and most regulatory measures are targeted at this risk profile.

Although a final risk classification is not yet possible, it is advisable to start a risk pre-assessment now, as most of the factors of a high-risk application are already available. An early assessment will save time later, especially for a startup working in a time-sensitive environment. The following activities are part of this process:

  • Industry specific risk category assessment
  • AI Act category requirements
  • Compliance preparation

QuantPi - Monitoring your AI compliance

AIEthica partners with QuantPI, a leading platform for AI trust, to deliver AI Governance during the operational phase of AI applications. QuantPi is deployed for continous monitoring and risk management of AI applications during the operational phase of the lifecycle. 

Automatically translating regulations into operations

QuantPi is the only monitoring and risk management solution for AI that allows to directly translate regulations like the AI Act and others into operational evaluation metrics.

Trust Profiles enable the acceleration and operationalization of any requirement for AI models/systems, regardless of whether the AI was built or procured. This equips AI Ethics/Risk/Compliance or business personas with an automated tool to govern AI models at scale without slowing down production.

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