< Practical Ethics in Artificial Intelligenceand Robotics for a Better Future

Practical Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
and Robotics for a Better Future

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We reflect and act on a beneficial future for humanity and artificial intelligence.

AIEthica - Ethical Analysis and Practical Implementation


Providing beneficial AI from ethical analysis to practical implementation

AIEthica's goal is to promote the beneficial, ethical use of AI and robotics for society and individuals through the combination of deep ethical analysis and practical implementation. To reach this goal we provide the following services:

- Ethical AI & Robotics project consulting and reports
- Ethical trainings for managers and programmers
- Publications and public outreach

Different solutions for different industries

Ethics for AI & Robotics practitioners

The wide applicability and impact of artificial intelligence is a crucial property of the technology. AIEthica therefore provides industry specific consulting and services:

- Technology Companies
- Defence and Weapon Industries
- Politics and Public Institutions
- Health & Medicine
- Non-Profit Organisations

The Next Step

A deep ethical view on AI

AI is the next step in the long line of productivity technology to improve the life of people and humanity - we have the responsibility to make it work.

Knowledge Base

Ethical knowledge brings responsibility

Nowhere else knowledge and responsible action are more linked than in the field of ethics. Ethics without action is empty, action without ethics is blind.

AIEthica understands itself as a hub for AI ethics related knowledge and information. We believe in communities and want to foster communication and interaction.


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  • AI & robotics ethics papers
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